Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sundays Best: 2012/04/29

this Sunday was very mixed up, I just did not want to wake up. maybe because of the holiday on Friday.
so didn't have time to coordinate my outfit but I think this did just fine.

the smile


and my new buy, the watch. loving it.

What I'm wearing: 
- Jeans,Loafers & Ring = Mr price. 
- Shirt = Jet. 
 - Watch = bidorbuy.
Thanx to Mr Mabasa for the photos.

Lv. V


  1. Snap we hav da same shoesssssss.....

  2. hahahahahahahaha!! i see. love yours,Red. even though i'm not yet as brave as to wear a red shoe. getting there and thanx for the inspiration.


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