Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Birthday Prezzies

Hello... ok ok before i really close in on my birthday experience, just had to show you what else i got on my birthday.

My dear girlfriend bought me snow boots last week and i just love them in a weird way. if she had bought this for me two years back i would have just cried my eye balls out. lol in a nutshell i used to hate them but ever since growing up i think they work up ok and with the cold here in South Africa, this are just my best friends. Thanx Ref. 

hope you all enjoying your week.

Lv.. V.


  1. haaa vee id have love to see you cray well you always smiling seeing ur tears wud be fu

  2. hehehehehehehehe, you will never.

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  5. Those boots are so cute! They look so cozy and warm.

    1. they really are comfy and very warm. they are officially my best friends. lol

  6. What a sweet friend! I hope you had a great bday!

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  7. Those boots look cozy and comfortable!

  8. Can't go wrong with comfy boots! :)


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