Tuesday, 17 July 2012

sunday's best: 20120715

hello friends, thank you for always dropping by. really appreciate it.
 now just want to tell you about how i love dressing up on sunday, like i have said before, its the day i take all efforts and strength into what i wear, because i don't like much dressing up and i'm not a fashionista but i love looking good when i feel good.

so this sunday i took out my lil suit, mommy gave me this suit in 2010 and it has just been there, always. and i always found excuses not to wear it but i did this sunday and here you go.

 trust me to be always laughing or talking.

 i love laughing.i just do

trying to be serious. doesn't work with me.

here we go, my lil suit out and you be the judge.

Lv.. V


  1. The suit is very Chanel, you look lovely in it. Mama knows best.

    It would also look great as separates, the jacket with jeans and heels and the skirt with a lovely blouse.

    1. mmmmm mama definately knows best.
      thanx for the tips will try that.

  2. Such a chic suit!!

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  3. This is one really pretty suit!!!
    Thank you so much for your comment! Happy Saturday!!

  4. thanx dear.
    and you welcome, thanx for dropping by.



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Lv. Ms V. Vee

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