Tuesday, 27 November 2012


hi Friends........
wow... i have not posted for a long time, but atleast i was checking your blogs out & commenting. love what i have seen.i have been dimotivated for a while, because 1) i gained weight (& everyine thinks its ok to shout it to me like i can't see it), 2)i have been busy with school (was bus with a short term course,finished this weekend with a killer presentation.)and i'm so proud of myself, 3)personal relationship went downhill & i had to make a decision.all that out of the way.
this post is about: Thanksgiving.
we all know past weekend was Thanksgiving weekend, i had the priviledge of being an MC at our intercession year-end function on Saturday, please note that was just after my presentation so i had a lot to be thankfull  for. and i took that chance to ask everyone what they are thankful/greatful for.
it was astonishing, more because everyone chose the smallest/little things, like this lil boy just stood up and said "i'm thankful/greatful to God for waking me up this morning".with the rest just greatful for being alive, well,healthy,able and so forth.
and then on sunday instead of the sermon we sat in the church for the 1 hour listening to the congregation's testimonies, it was overwhelming.what God has done for us, or what we are thankful for as human beings.
i'm greatfull for a lot of things now that i think of it....
here's my pic at the school presentation.
with the model we did as a group for our project
so what are you thankfull for?


  1. Hey dear, hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
    Thanks for the comment =)

  2. great post, I am thankful to God for being alive


  3. Thanks a lot for the lovely comments on my blog!
    You are a doll.
    Great post,
    I am so thankful to God too,for a lot of things!
    Be blessed,

  4. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving day!
    have a fab day!
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  5. I'm simply thankful that God taps me on the shoulder every morning and blesses me with good health, fab family and friends, and a wonderful career. He's so awesome and every time I think of his goodness I want to cry!


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Lv. Ms V. Vee

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