Thursday, 21 November 2013

Review: Coverdem sunscreen and the Race!

Hey friends,

Last Saturday I ran a race took part in the Kolonnade  retail park road race. This is my second race this year or ever and I was chuffed to be part of it. Now I know this things get addictive but it’s a good addiction right? 

me (middle) with my cousin (right) and friend (left).
The first race was the CSIR race last month which I finished my 10 km in 1:32 min (nothing to be proud of I know but it was my fist and I pretty did too good. *pat self on the back*) and then I had to improve on this one so I finished in 1:26 min (does the happy dance) .the routes were different, the other being hard with highs and lows and the othe being flat, funny I enjoyed the high & low  one than the flat.
The Medal.
Anyway for the race I was happy to try the Coverdem Filteray Body plus 2in1 sunscreen & after sun care that I received from the #JHBBloggermeetup. It was so soft on my skin and considering that it has deep Tan, my chocolate skin looked glowy and even chocolaty. It has a funny smell though but after few seconds you don’t smell it, it’s not too oily, and so I did not feel like I had put anything.
CoverDerm Filteray Body Plus 2 in 1 sunscreen & after sun care.

Overall it made my running smooth and my skin even smoother. Would use it again, actually Its now my favourite sunscreen to use and it will be the closest friend on those hard & easy routes now that I think I might be getting addicted to running.

Thank you: CoverDerm SA
  for the lovely product.

Thanx for popping by.
Lv.. V
What you favourite sunscreen moisturiser?

Do you run/walk ?

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