Saturday, 29 March 2014

5 things about me.

Not that you guys care but here goes!! lol, but honestly i just thought i should share

1. I'm shy - like seriously.
sometimes i get so shy that it gets to nervousness and then i feel like i'm having a panick attack.
2. I love crying- its liberating.
i'm going to do a post on this soon
3. I tried smoking once - it only lasted for a day.
thought it was cool till some stranger offered me a whole box/ packet on my first day. like what the heck.
4.I really want to study further but i hate studying.
I mean everyone is doing it so why not, any sponsors out there i peomise i will force myself to study and pass.
5. I love singing.
singing evokes great emotions in me i cannot explain, it is one truer thing in my life.

please do share about yourselves too.
                                                     Love & light!!!
                                                     Ms Van Vee

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Lv. Ms V. Vee

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