Friday, 4 April 2014


Our world as we know it is forever in motion and therefore changing everday. who i was a few weeks ago is different from who i am today and thus bound to happen. Those are things we cannot change on our own but there are other things that we have a lil bit of control over. like job change, career change & so forth! 
So when change comes especially the ones we have a lil bit of control over we tend to have doubt first, then comes reasoning, then comes decision making, then comes regret or joy and then life goes on.

I have had o deal with a bit of change in my life some not so much and some a bit mindboggling. in the midst of all this change i learnt a lot and one thing that has stayed with me is that. Change is not going to kill me but worrying over it will.

Any big changes you guys have had to go through?
How was it?
What are your thougts on change?  please share!

                                                                        Love & Light!!!
                                                                         Ms Van Vee


  1. I agree....change certainly will not kill you but worrying definitely will. Girl I had some major changes arise recently at my job and it caused a lot of consternation and stress for my entire organization. It took me a while to refocus but then I remembered that the good Lord never leaves me nor forsakes me. Even in the mist of the turmoil I was still being blessed.

    1. on point. we serve a great God. we will overcome.


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