Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Beauty is....

One saturday last month i joined some beautiful ladies at theWillow Feather Farm in Irene (Centurion) for a Dove #Beautyis challenge talk organised and hosted by Luzanne of pinkpeonies

I got in a bit late and found the ladies already chatting up a storm, ladies and talks. lol and after a few minutes we started on the topic at hand, what beauty is...   we discussed the New Dove Campaign video

I am not going to write up everything everyone said but at the end we all agreed that beauty is...
A state of mind. 
A knowledge of oneself and 
Confidence in oneself.

I just have to say that listening to other woman discuss what beauty is and means to them is quiet liberating, the knowledge, confidence and positivity around was just enough to make me see myself in a whole different light. 

please check out pinkpeonies for more information. 

love & light
Ms Van Vee!!!

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  1. I love that jacket. I think leather jackets just look so amazing with such dresses.It's always great listening and contributing to such discussions and it always opens my eyes when I realise that we each have own insecurities and at the end of the day it's all about accepting and loving yourself.


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