Monday, 30 June 2014

Review: Maybelline clear smooth all in one

This week i went to clicks with a mission.. to finally get my hands on the much talked about Maybelline clear smooth all in one powder. trust me i had to get in the forms or i would have come out without like the countless many times i have told myself maybe i don't need it, see i'm not really a make up freak, i don't even use a toner for goodness
So i got it and this is what I've got to say about it....i love it. its does everything it says on the package, my face felt so smooth i could not stop touching, just i think i'm still a bit hesitant to put more on.

On package it says it:
- Controls shine  - Agree
- Conceals flaws - Not so much but maybe because i put on so little
- Smoothes - Do i have to explain?
- Evens - True
- Eattifies - Makes me love this word even
- Brightens - Agree
- Perfects tones - Very much agree
- SPF 25 - Love this
It is very lightweight, oil free and it makes my skin looks & feel so smooth. i love the packaging, so lady like and fits perfectly in my make up bag. so i'm glad i finally convinced myself to buy, new favorites..

                                                       thanks for dropping by
                                                          love & light.. Ms V

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