Friday, 12 September 2014

What made me smile this week!

What made me smile this week?? oh what a question, but here are five things that made me smile!

1. Big boo!
OK this week i got sick & if you know me i'm not a sickly person at all and when i do get sick its often an emotional roller coaster, because then i remember how mamma would be taking care of me and all. so big boo took it upon himself to care for me & i'm smiling & feeling a lot better.

2. Lil Boo
my lil one, she is just a joy the more she grows up, whenever she does something wrong & i get angry with her, she always look so innocent & call me Mommy with a deep voice. that just melts my heart & i think she knows.

3. Music.
We got a  CD by Mr T. Maumela oh the beauty of it. love music & this one's making me think back all the good things in my life & i just smile, because God has been good to me.

Photo: Counting down

4. The Sun
even though the change of season has left me all sick i'm happy because the sun is shining bright, well maybe too bright but i'm happy to take out my Sunnies & just smile.

5. The Memories
We were out in the bush weekend for a holiday with a few friends. it was fab, had so much fun. And now i find myself smiling over all the crazy things that was said & done. great memories, i want to go back!


  1. Your little one is such a super cutie!!!! And don't you just love spending time with family and friends??? The best thing ever!


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