Monday, 12 January 2015

My word for 2015.

Happy New Year everyone. Yeepy, new year, new things right?, well if you believe in it.  
Like everyone else normal we have now realised that that whole new years resolution thing does not work, but because we are human we are constantly excited by the prospect of a new beginning, even though after the 1st week back at work you realise there is nothing new here just a same old year after a long break of eating & drinking too much more than your body can handle. 

Anyway, after going through a huge ass introspection these holidays, i finally found, after much learning towards the end of 2014 and after getting married, oh yea i'm married, i have learnt that i normally have a one word that i live, work & hold on to in a year. so this year i have learnt to meditate & embrace my word. 

My word for 2015 is.... Faith-ful. 

I have actually never really given much thought to this word and all that it entails and good thing i have the whole year to figure it out, live it out in my life. how this word came about is another story all together and i hope my journey this year will be guided by it. 

  • Do you have any word/resolutions for 2015, please share!

Love & Light!


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Lv. Ms V. Vee

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