Friday, 15 July 2016

and I Danced!

Wow Hello there!!!  It’s been a minute, isn’t it. 

Oh well, I have been having two minds about this blog, three actually. 1 is to drop everything and run – translate: delete the blog and forget I ever started. 2 is to delete this one and start a new one, on a different path and all and 3 is get back on and blog my life away. Whatever the decision might be at the end of the day I hope to be content with it. 

Now I just an aha moment today because of a song really and also because I was reminded to be grateful. The name of the Song is “A Jesus Song”- Dr Tumi.. beautiful song and I just had to do the picture below. 

This just reminded me again of the story in the bible when David danced and I promise you I did got up and danced because I am blessed and highly favoured. Check out the song on his Dr tumi's website . one other song I'm reminded of is We Dance by Steffany Frizzell Gretzinger & Bethel Music

I Hope you listen to the song and it lifts you up and my quote/words helps you stand up and be grateful.

Ms Van Vee 

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