Thursday, 28 July 2016

My Facebook year timeline.

Ok, so Facebook has and is the best thing now with that Memories feature. I love it so much I look forward to it every day and love the fact that it pops out every morning. 
And the Today I decided to let me just go through the timeline of the years I've been on facebook and was shocked with what I found. 
Here’s my timeline

The year I was born. 
Obviously.  There was not Facebook then but I put it there. I’m not sharing it with you sorry and I have even deactivated it so you can’t know my date of birth. 
No Facebook yet but In 2003 I had my first Kiss. This is not really true I have had kisses but this one was the first with my then boyfriend and now husband. It was so special it made me forget I was ever kissed, changed all my perspective in life and I knew I was forever in love.
No Facebook yet but and There is nothing here. Just me going through motions about failing at school and having my attempting my first long distance relationship. 
Graduated from High school. Yay. 
2006 - 2009.
 I had facebook here but deleted it in 2011 so some or other odd reason. Started and finished varsity. Proud moments there. 
Lost my Mom and went into a deep depression. I made it through music and food. 
The year I was the angriest in life, I was broke, fat, sad, boyfriendless, motherless. I was the most bitter person ever and my facebook post says it all. 
This is actually my second Facebook. I deactivated my first one when things went south with my relationship and the pressure became unbearable. I poured myself into the church and the word of God. My facebook is jam packed with bible scriptures and motivational words. 
 A mix of everything. Life happened. I stopped running, got back with the love of my life and we had our precious little girl. Still, too many issues but I dealt with things. Went back to school to do a short course in Project management. 
Started making grown up decisions, and that is not nice. So basically this is my grown-up year. The first year of adulating can't believe it took me so long. Enjoyed having my brother around. Love was good. 
I got married and became all forgiving, realised I knew nothing and learnt to forgive and to keep my mouth shut. 
Realised I know nothing and there is so much still to learn. The journey continues. 

Thank you for stopping by, please share yours. 


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