Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sunday's best: Lil Indian girl

This sunday i wanted to wear my new All Stars (birthday gift) and what better way than to rock it with an indian (print) skirt.

It is so orange though. i bought this when i when to durban in may and been struggling as to what to wear it with, considering i'm not that good with colours. but i think i did it justice and everyone at church said i looked like a lil indian girl.  

so excited about these: remember i said i wanted em here

showing off my All Stars.

did i really look like a little Indian girl?
would love to know what you think, thank you

Lv.. V


  1. nice skirt!!!
    just found your blog! It's great!
    I've starded following you on GFC! like to follow back? I hope so!
    we could stay in contact!!

    kisses from Barcelona!


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