Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Inspiration: from a girl to a woman..

I love black, I’ve always loved it. And looking at it now makes me realise that it’s because it’s safe. My mom used to/has always bought me clothes, like ever since until she passed, so being fashionable was not part of my life. I always took whatever she got me. That led me to just get black when I went shopping because it was less complicated. When I went to tertiary I always wore jeans and t-shirt. They were safe too. Never tried anything, till now.
I know nothing about fashion but I can safely say as much as I still wear black I have learnt ( still learning) to dress up as a woman, a  young woman.  I give all credit to your blogs, and pinterest of course for this.  I’ve been going through blogs way before I started mine and I started getting compliments, started mine and as they say the rest is history.
I’m not a fashion fundi yet and not trying to be. Just want to be myself and I think so far I have tried my best.

Would never have dreamt of wearing this but I did and I felt like me….i loved it!
Thank you all for visiting my blog and for sharing in with me.
thanx for stopping by.
Lv.. V


  1. I am now following your blog and I'm looking to see where your fashion journey takes you I am trying to stay away from black as that was always my "safe" color as well

  2. thank you. follow back!!

    trying to get some color in,*cross fingers*

  3. id vote you as a fashionist any time you know, especially the sunday pics prove that


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