Monday, 18 June 2012

Youth Day

it was youth day this saturday in SA. its a public holiday about youth of 1976 who went on a protest march now dubbed as the Soweto uprising, in response to being taught in afrikaans.more info on june 16 and soweto uprising

we had a youth day celebration in church, with some youth from other churches. we had games,music and the word in a very calm and loving environment.

myself feeling really youthfull. lol

my girl Iyani, she just had to pout!

 my Friend Bongi wearing school uniform. looks lovely.
it is common on this holiday for people to wear their (or borrowed) school uniform to honour those that died fighting for our freedom.

a few of the youth posing.

inside the church, the dance and games parts.

thanx for stopping by.. enjoy.

Lv.. V


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