Friday, 3 May 2013

foot problem

hey friends.... long time! hehehhehehehe!!
i have not blogged in a while, beacause..... (insert i have a lot of excuses)...
so moving along, i have a lot that i need to learn i've realised, a whole lot. blogging, life, love, design (totally loving interior design).
so i have a predicament, if you know me you know i love shoes and i buy as i see. so i saw this beautiful short heel, mary jane looking like beautiful shoes at Ackermans and i fell in love.
while fitting em i realised as i have always known how my top of foot is so big and protuding like the shoes are tight even though they were/are not. this has been a serious problem to a point that i only buy pointy toe shoes because they look better but the normal front shoe is a problem.
i am so dissappointed that i can't wear the shoes without people asking me if my feet are swollen r if thye hurt, which is not the case. eish!! my predicament though!!
will post pic when i get enough strength to take a pic of my not so beautiful top foot.
enjoy the weekend my lovies!!
Lv. V


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  3. Oh no, I have that problem sometimes... idk what it's about

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