Thursday, 28 February 2013

Are the Numbers lying?

hello there...long time!
oh ok, down to my predicament, well I'm no fitness junkie and I wish I was.
Here's the story: Towards the end of last year I weighed myself and I was like 73 kg. shocked? I was too. so tiny with such big weight. lol
then this January accidentally found myself on a scale, ok this is the truth, I never weigh myself. I just don't no reason. so i JanuIry i was 71, a little excited and bang on Monday i was forced again to stand on that woman-abusing machine and bang! i have lost 5 kilograms..yea i should be celebrating but no, just beginning of february everyone has just decided to tell me i am fat, forget about the whispers and all, they are doing it in my face, in love they say. and the more they do the more i feel fat and i think i look big,because my clothes are confirming it also. but what about the numbers?

   ...............................someone please help!!!..................................
On the lighter side: I've cut my hair, my big beautiful Afro. everyone's complaining but I need to free myself. it's too hot this side. I'll grow it back anyway so whats the fuss.

in one of my fav outfit on Sunday.

thanx for dropping by


  1. Olá, gostei do seu estilo da sua elegância...Espectacular....

  2. You look great! And your outfit is amazing! Great skirt!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

    1. lovely outfit! thanks for stopping by my blog. following yours on bloglovin

  3. You are not fat at all you have a beautiful figure!! Love that skirt on you x

    P.S $100 ASOS giveaway on my blog x


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