Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Bloggers event: first ever!

On Saturday 9th Nov I attended the JHB bloggers meet up organised by the ever lovely Johlet of our Journey to everywhere  At Vovotelo in was the best experience of my life.

Oh I tell you it was the most beautiful setting ever. I was a lil scared at first when travelling there but I got over that and excited instead when I saw the goody bag trunk she organised for all us. The venue was lovely, the food was from the heavenly kitchen and the ladies were the most prettiest I’ve ever met and very interesting.
Sue from Just Pursue it gave a lil lovely talk of inspiration, she is just gorgeous and down to earth.
All thanx to the sponsor who made the event even more awesome with their products. I am still overwhelmed with all the stuff I'll unpack over the weekend and show you guys.
         the ladies enjoying themselves            me and the very lovely waiter at Vovotelo.
bloggers meet up.
Thanx for visiting
Lv.. V

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  1. Thank you for the sweet post!!!


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