Friday, 8 November 2013

I don't like woman who wear white pants.

Ok before you kill me, let me explain.
White pants  white, I mean WHITE ( yea I shouted that out). is "shouted" even a word?
For me white represent purity, cleanliness, single, no care, no responsibility. I mean imagine you have a 12 months old baby.. Yea I thought as much! 
Or you have a not so clean bf. imagine spilling some wine on your white pants at an important event.  I mean really woman! When you are wearing white you have a different walk, pose because let's face it you must be careful at all times not to get stained.

So when I see woman strutting their stuffs in white pants I just want to scream "no, stop" because let's face it if you got the body and have invested in a good pair of white pants, you sure gona look good enough to eat, clean and sexy. 
And then I realise, actually I don't hate woman in white pants, I envy them. I want to be them woman in white pants.

Do you wear white pants?
Do you like wearing white pants.


  1. I'm with you - I ENVY the white pants wearers!

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