Friday, 14 February 2014

Sparkling grape for Valentines

I recently bought a color|full nail polish by avroy shlain that we're on special. Buy one for R50 and choose another one for R5. It's a bargain ain't it. So yes I love sales or buy one get one frees, what woman doesn't? I got two lovely colors which I was not convinced was nice 1st time I saw but then when transferred to my nails I fell I love. 

It applies well and sets well after second coat, last me for a whole week and dries pretty quick. So yes I will be buying again. 
                                                           Introducing here:Sparkling grape! 


Because I'm not sure I want to be doing red or pink. It's valentine you know and these colors will be trending. So this is my color of love this February. 

What's your favorite color this February or should I say month of love? 
                                                                    Love & light V. 

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