Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Dear Valentine.

I do not celebrate Valentine. Well, Ido not go all out but I do acknowledge its existence and I'm not going to give you the whole story of how it's just a marketing ploy or scheme. I respect you that much! Lol.
Actually Valentines day used to be quiet a day when my mom was still alive. When I became a teenager, after my 13th birthday party ( it was a big party, trust me) mom started buying me a box of quality street every valentines, I'm not that crazy about chocolate and she did. We would sit down and share, that means I would have my 1 and she'd polish the whole box after that. 
I loved the gesture and I'm great full to her for doing that because in it I learnt a lot about love and all (story for another day).

Though I do not celebrate v-day I believe in February to be a month of love. So keep loving and check out my next post. 

So for those celebrating v-day, I say enjoy. 
Till next time! 
Love & light! V.

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Lv. Ms V. Vee

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