Friday, 21 March 2014

What i learned this week

I'm had one eventfull week last week, i say eventful because my weeks are comprised of the same old thing like sleeping, reading, church and eating and an occassional friends party or running.but this past week was a bit different.
So it came with its challenges and joys. and i got to learn a few things, nothing new. its things i knew already but were presented to me in a different format ant different scenes.

1. Laughing is good excercise.
I spent this past week with my step daughter. she is 19 month young (yes i count in moths too, its motherhood thing i guess)and the moments we spent laughing still rings in my head, priceless i tell you.
2. Love is easy and hate is too much a burden.
like i said i had an opportunity to spend time and be a mother to a 17 moth old baby and it was the best week of my life. i felt the love i never knew and the bond created ths week was just out of this world. im glad i got to do this.
3. They are still going to judge you. 
Whether they know you or not, whether they know your story or not they are still going to talk about you and even further juge you. do not care about that.
4. Believe. 
Sometimes you just got to believe that things are going to/ are already working out for you. we spend so much complaining or fighting the problem that we end up not even seeing how things are working out for us. believe and you will see.

                                                         Love & light!!!
                                                          Ms Van Vee

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