Wednesday, 16 July 2014


I don’t know if I’m qualified to write about this topic but hey I have lost things too, so I will speak from experience.
My loss:
We currently lost out car… it got stolen. I was not there, hubs was and when he called me to say the car is gone, I lost all functions in my system and everything around me became a haze, the moment I got back to reality I was crying or I had tears streaming off my eyes and making everything blurry. Had so many questions, prayed and asked some more questions.
Few years when I lost my mom, the shock was not so much as to derail my thoughts too much, maybe because even to this day I kind of think I had a warning from God. But it was loss too much to bear, had to have a different look at my life and make with a life alterations. See that why I say loss kind of reminds you that you are alive.
What is loss?
You see loss is something else, it’s probably a way of life to wake you up from whatever life sleep you were in, and it’s always brings a sense of wonder, and questions that brings you closer to understanding that  truly am alive, not that you needed to be reminded but I guess so.
Dealing with loss:
Loss as we will know it is part of life, part of our everyday existence and without it, life would be good, then normal, then boring & repeat. Somehow at later stage you tend to think back and say, thank you Lord for losing such & such because I have better now, or in a better place or better season.
After all everything in life has its own time, its own season as rightly put I Ecclesiastes chapter 3.   
I’m writing this post to encourage myself to wake up, show up and do at the worst time of my life. Hope it gives you closure or hope. Better things are ahead!!
                                                                Love & Light!

                                                                Ms Van Vee

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