Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Just finished reading: Prince of Dreams

Hello Tuesday, the day after the longest weekend. back to reality.....

             Prince of Dreams: A Tale of Tristan and Esyllte 
i must say this book took me longer to finish maybe because its some sort of history like stories which is not my kind of read but the story is about love and i'm all about love baby. lol

the story is about Tristan & Essylte who fell in love by fate, and lived under that love. i found this book very traditional and do not connect with it. but that was then and this is now. i loved the drama and romance even though at a times it felt really exaggerated.  i really enjoyed it though it took me a lot to actually pick it up every time. 

What fascinated me more about this story is the length at which they both went to love one another, which you never find in our days,  but its beautiful in a way.

here's to a lovely week!!
Love & Light!
ms Van Vee.

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