Thursday, 2 April 2015

Who Do You Admire & Why?

so i joined the Ultimate blogging challenge and, crossing my fingers and toes really hope to try and write more.. *insert deep laugh*
Today's prompt is Who do i admire and why... answer: i don't know. 

The reason i say i don't know its because i tend to not follow much the lives of those that are celebrated and know to everyone.i'm just not interested, but I've got a few people in my life that i consider Gold. so hold up because either way you do not know them..hahahhahaha!!

this one here is my number 1. 

My Mom: Obviously right? not necessarily, my mom has since passed and all that i am i owe it to her. she taught me self-love, forgiveness, strengths & resilience, walking tall. i believe if it was not for those characteristics i would not have survived the lot of nonsense alleys my life has taken me to.

My Grandma: my mothers aunt, one prayerful woman, i admire her calmness and forgiving heart....sometimes i hate her because whatever i tell her she always have a different solution that works, with prayer first and all things done carefully. she always says, wait till tomorrow and then lets tackle it. and by the next day i'm as calm and my life goes on with no regrets.

My Friend: 4xy we call her. one of the strongest woman i know. and she always makes sense and  she always know what to tell me and she works extra hard and she plays even harder. i admire her strength.

there we go! my three wonder woman, right! i believe if you have those kind of people in your life you will not fail.. so watch how i get up and get moving..

*Thanks for reading and kindly share your admirers and why?


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